LIVE Training for Busy Successful DCs

How to Create Successful Win-Win Associate Practices!

You CAN get the HELP you need, the FREEDOM you desire and the extra INCOME you deserve.


Why clinic owners LOVE the Win Win Associate System!

Why associates LOVE the Win Win Associate System!

I've spent the last 35 years helping doctors just like you develop profitable long-term associates in the Win-Win Associates Model. 

The old associate model fails at an alarming rate, but the Win-Win Associates Model succeeds for both clinic owner and associate. There are no losers with Win Win!

November 5-6, 2022
Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter

Here's what you'll learn: 

  • The New Successful Win-Win Associate paradigm and strategy.
  • How to attract, hire and onboard associates a whole new way.
  • How to launch your associate into instant clinical and financial success.
  • How to proceed with confidence, clarity and what to do each step of the way.
  • 2 full-days of LIVE training and 30 pages of notes.

"With what Win Win Associates taught me, I took a 15 week maternity leave and my associates broke clinic records while I was home with my baby."

"We increased collections by 500% while increasing family vacations to 6-8 weeks/yr with Win Win Associates. And our associates enjoy the win win model. It's fun and exciting."

“I’ve been with Five Star and Noel for over 20 years with last year being another best ever year. Noel helped me from practice launch, through 5 maternity leaves and hiring multiple associates.

"The first thing Five Star helped me with was new patients, then hiring and developing my first associate, then my second, third, and fourth. I have experienced 500% growth with Five Star's Win Win Associate System."

"Win Win Associates made a world of a difference in my life. We went from a mom and pop shop to 3 doctors (and looking for another). We'll do over $2M this year. FSM has given me clarity in my associate practice vision, leadership skills, great money and a lot more time with my family."

"[With Five Star] ...for the first time I had a plan and it was working! I doubled to over 200/wk, then to 300/wk. Then I added an associate and we went to 400/wk. Now we've hit 600/wk with a second associate. PLUS, I've had more time off than I ever could have imagined. Just added DC#3!"

This LIVE TRAINING Will Show You:

The Win-Win Vision

Learn the secrets to long-term happy, profitable associate relationships!

Hiring the Best

Learn how to attract, select and hire the best DC for you and your practice.

Profitable Associates

Learn how to launch your associate into instant profit for you and bonus for them.

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